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🇮🇳 Pune, MH

🎂 Birthday

26 June

🎓 Academics

MS in Computer Science (2023 est.)

Career so far

I first got into the world of computers when I was 6 years old. After a brief software development stint in middle school, I ended up choosing computing as my career and earned my bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune in 2018. From late 2016 to 2020, I took up internships and full-time roles with a couple of startups in Pune. In 2020, I ventured into freelancing as COVID-19 had halted my graduate plans, which are now set to commence in Fall 2021. I like to keep myself busy with personal projects when I have some time to kill. Check out the projects page for more info.

After Work

I'm a big-time space nerd, an aviation geek, a vocalist and a guitarist. I like geography and cartography and have a strong urge to travel to new places, learn new cultures and document the world in the process!


I hail from a Telugu-speaking family from Berhampur, Odisha, India. A product of the marriage of science and music - my father was a meteorologist and had a deep interest in astronomy, earth sciences and literature, while my mother is a retired playback singer. I, therefore, had plenty of exposure to a myriad of things in childhood like astronomy, meteorology, geography, and of course, music!


I find music therapeutic, and I record whenever I get a chance. Here are a few of my recordings. If you like them, consider subscribing my YouTube Channel!