Sunspot AR2767: The Lone Crusader

Sunspot AR2767: The Lone Crusader

Sunspot AR2767, the lone crusader wandering on the face of our parent star. Seen on a sun-day. 😛

The Sun goes through its own mood swings. The solar cycle is a 11-year periodic change in the Sun’s activity, in which the number of sunspots on the solar surface differ.

The cycle has two distinct phases – a minima and a maxima. The minima is marked by extended durations of zero or very few sunspots. In contrast, during the maxima, sunspots flare up and solar flares are more common, sometimes hundreds in count. Auroras are brighter and more frequent during a maxima.

We are currently transitioning into a new solar cycle and are at the minima phase. 2020 has seen 153 spotless days so far. Although still under research and a hot topic of debate, solar minima is said to cause climate change.

Canon EOS 1200D, 250mm.
Photographed with a solar filter.
It is unsafe to view or photograph the sun without certified solar filters.

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